FarCry: FarCry Opensource What is it? FarCry is …

FarCry: FarCry Opensource

What is it? FarCry is an open source CMS, originally developed by Daemon. It’s fully functional, and runs in a variety of Enterprise environments today. Try the demo at: http://demo.daemon.com.au/

Who can use it? Anyone who wants to! The open source license is Common Public License 1.0.

What does it run on? It requires the Macromedia ColdFusion MX platform and a viable enterprise database (currently support MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL). Orignially written for Windows 2k+ but thanks to the open source community we now have it running on *nix platform.

Open Source. We’ve only recently released the product as open source and so we’re still trying to get our heads around how we support this initiative. Already we have some Frequently Asked Questions. If we could be doing anything better — let us know.