Scripts: Companion site for the book "JavaScript for the World Wide Web, Visual QuickStart Guide, 5th Edition" by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith

Java Script Examples

This page gives you access to all of the scripts in our book, listed by chapter and task names. We’ve given you two ways to use the scripts; if you want to see what a script does, click the name of the script, and a new window will open and run that script. If you want to view the code, or copy it for your own use, click the “View Source” link next to the task.

A List Apart: Articles: Faux Columns

Faux Columns by Dan Cederholm

Vertical stretch

One of the somewhat frustrating properties of CSS is the fact that elements only stretch vertically as far as they need to. Meaning, if a 200-pixel tall image is contained within a

, the will only expand down the page 200 pixels.

CSSVista: Live CSS editing with Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously

CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously. By building your sites to work in both IE 6 and Firefox you’ll be compatible with 88% of your visitors’ web browsers*. To cover the other 12%, you may like to look at our paid-for browser compatibility service, SiteVista. Yes, that’s why this software is free! 🙂