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Home – Web Application Security Consortium Web Application Security Consortium
The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) is an international group of experts, industry practitioners, and organizational representatives who produce open source and widely agreed upon best-practice security standards for the World Wide Web.


SecurityFocus is the most comprehensive and trusted source of security information on the Internet. SecurityFocus is a vendor-neutral site that provides objective, timely and comprehensive security information to all members of the security community, from end users, security hobbyists and network administrators to security consultants, IT Managers, CIOs and CSOs.

Accessible, Usable, Universal, & Stunning Web Designs | Accessites.org: Home Page

Accessible, Usable, Universal, & Stunning Web Designs | Accessites.org: Home Page
Here at Accessites.org we will prove that accessible, usable websites built with universality and standards in mind need not be boring. We will show you stunning works of art crafted by some of today’s most progressive accessible web developers and designers. Join us in honoring them and the sites they meticulously and lovingly build.

stu nicholls | CSS PLaY | cross browser multi page photo gallery

stu nicholls | CSS PLaY | cross browser multi page photo galleryBased on the look of Suckerfish HoverLightbox, this one uses my multi-page layout system but includes images instead of text.

Unlike the Suckerfish HoverLightbox this version does not use javascript but is pure CSS and still works in IE.


www.ajaxwrite.com – Introducing ajaxWrite

The look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform. Try ajaxWrite today, and experience first-hand how AJAX applications are changing the way the web works, and redefining the software industry.




This is your personalized page, you can now modify everything: move modules, add new RSS/ATOM feeds, change the parameters for each module, etc. Your modifications are saved in real-time and you’ll find your page when you get back on Netvibes.com. If you want to be able to access your page from any computer, you can sign in (at the top right) with your email and a password.

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What is Netvibes?

Netvibes is about having web the way you want it. Exactly the way you want it. Delivered to you.

Ever wish you could get your all of your favorite websites, blogs, news, weather, maps, address books, to do lists, email accounts, social networks, radio stations, search engines, instant messengers, video and photo networks – all of your favorite things in one place and share them with your friends? We did too.


  • Helps you manage your digital life and share it with your friends
  • Brings all your favorite MySpace, Digg, YouTube, Gmail, Flickr, eBay, del.icio.us accounts – you name it (no, really, you can rename our entire site) – together on your own personal Netvibes page
  • Share with your friends or colleague your favorite modules
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