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Monitor search email for privacy, identity theft, harassment.

Monitor search email for privacy, identity theft, harassment.
What you don’t know can hurt you.

It takes only one email to violate privacy and identity theft laws, cause harassment, break confidentiality firewalls, or create other critical risks. But, how do you find that problem message, when your company sends thousands every day?

The InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance finds the messages for you. Our exclusive Presearch™ technology combines industry-leading email content detection and search tools with easy-to-use real-time executive reports, one-click investigation capability, and instant alarms.

fernando_graphicos » Fernando_Graphicos WordPress Themes:

fernando_graphicos » Fernando_Graphicos WordPress Themes: I have ported all of my themes from 1.2 up to 1.5 (finally) and they are all here for download in both WP1.2 and WP1.5 formats.

FYI: All my theme and template design will be in WordPress 2.0.x format from today forward. These are the last of the old way of thinking, and using Kubrick as the base template for my work. My forthcoming themes are written from the ground up by me.

Also, searching my own archives, here, can be a very useful tool for adding things like menus, plugins, and other features of WP. I tend to write everything up as I come to understand it, or even get frustrated and need help. You may benefit from viewing my process to one degree or another.

You can preview them all by using the theme switcher on the main page of this site.

MailChimp Email Marketing Tool

MailChimp Email Marketing Tool

MailChimp helps creative people send their HTML email and manage their lists. You design & code your email any way you want, and then MailChimp handles delivery, tracking, list management, and reports. It’s affordable, easy to use, and fun. Yeah, that’s right—fun.