Thunderbird Error: Negative Vibes from Hotmail

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If you have received this error, it can be fixed. You may have to update your ‘add-on’ extension for Webmail and for Hotmail.

You can do this by clicking on “Tools -> “add-ons”

Click the button, “Find Updates”. Then select the Webmail -Hotmail extension and click “Options”. In the options dialog box, there will be three tabs. The first tab “mode”, will show you three options. Choose “WebDav”.

I personally have had to switch this from “hotmail Live” and back to “WebDav” because I continue to get the Negative Vibes error.

If you are still having problems, you could start from scratch and uninstall all Webmail add-ons, download the most recent ones and re-install them to Thunderbird. But knowing about your Options – “Mode” should be sufficient to get you working again.

Some web sites that you will find on this subject will tell you to choose the “Hotmail Live” option, which I have done as well, but just know, that if and when you get the error again, you’ll need to choose a different mode for it to start working again.

Under the “Pop” option tab, I chose “mark emails as read on server” and “download unread emails only”.

Under the Domains button, I have removed all of the domains with the exception of,, and

One more thing for you to do, and that is, to change the Account Settings for the Hotmail account in Thunderbird so that you ‘leave messages on the server’.

What this will do is leave a copy on the website, and allow you to save a copy locally on your computer in your Thunderbird email program. This works well if you have more than one computer and you want TB on all of them, grabbing copies of your emails. Also – if you have a problem with TB for some reason, you can still get to the web version and view an email remotely when you’re away from home.

To set this up – open up Thunderbird, go to “Tools -> account settings”. When the new dialog box opens up, highlight proper hotmail account, click on “Server Settings” and then you will see in the window details on the right, an option for “Leave messages on server”. Check that box. If you want to set a time for how long they are left out there, then choose the next box, and put in a number. I usually put in 14 – 21 days, so if I’m on vacation, they’ll still be out there.