Quickbooks Pro will not start

I ran into a problem recently 04/22/08 with my Quickbooks program. I would click on the program’s icon to start it and get the “Quickbooks is loading ….” screen/prompt, then it would disappear and return again. Then it would disappear and never start. No error messages.

After researching my problem, through other forums, it was tied to a Miscrosoft .Net 2.0 update that failed. This was connected to this issue.

Specifically, if KB110806 shows in your Windows update as having failed, you will probably experience this same issue.

This has also affected Turbo Tax.

After struggling to figure this out and searching for a fix, Quickbooks Support has finally posted a solution.


Follow this support document, do as it instructs and your Quickbooks will open once again.

There is no need to uninstall Quickbooks before working through this solution. My computer had also downloaded .Net 3.0 – there is no need to try and uninstall 3.0 before stepping through the solution to KB110806. Just do it as it states and it should work for you.

My system is running WindowsXP Pro. Service pack 2.

Good luck!

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