Website lost to web host’s corrupted server – bye bye host.

I’m not really leaving this host provider just because of this, but it did help me to quicken the departure. I have been on this web host since I began the website and so it’s been a long, long relationship. They’ve had other ups and downs along the way, but this sort of ‘took the cake’ so to speak. I had been wanting to redesign my site for several years now and put it into a CMS. I have been developing in Joomla and thought this would be the perfect CMS for me. Because I work full time and freelance many hours designing sites for my clients and maintaining them, my personal sites sometimes get shoved to the bottom of my priority list.

A couple of years ago, I started it. I setup a test environment under one of my test sites and during the time that I was playing with Joomla! for use with this site, version 1.5 came out. Finally last year I got serious and actually paid some friends to help me migrate my content over. Only thing was, I began to lose interest. That was really hard for me to find the energy (or motivation) to do what I needed to do to finish up the job.

Enter – my web host.

The funny thing to me about this whole story was that I was actually away at a web conference when I get the email from my provider that my site was down and could I please re-upload the site files because they did not have a backup for me to restore to.

I lost the community calendar data that people had been entering and relying on for months. That was devastating.

The other issue was that I can’t upload Joomla to their servers because they’re only a Microsoft shop.

So, I’ve decided rather than re-publishing a site I really do not ever want to see that old version of again, it has motivated me through this contrast to get interested in completing the migration of the site, files and begin using Joomla.

Isn’t life just so amazing how it knows exactly how to move you forward when you aren’t moving.