Adding Google’s ReCaptcha tool to a Joomla Contact Form or RSForm

Adding ReCaptcha to a web form is now a must. Too many forms are being filled out by bots and spammers.

Here’s a great simple tutorial I found that steps you through how to do this from Joomla Tricks.

To add a Captcha to a Joomla RSFormsPro! form, follow these instructions from RSJoomla. You will need to download their plugin.



A CAPTCHA Solution For Classic ASP

A CAPTCHA Solution Built With Classic ASP, CSS And Javascript.

These days spam is an increasing problem for everybody, including blogs and comment boards. If your page has a form your visitors can submit, it could well be a target for a spammer. This is actually quite easy to do. You write a piece of software, often called a robot or spider, and program it to crawl the Internet looking for forms. The spider automatically enters data in the form fields and submits the form. It doesn’t need to click the button like you and me. The spam could be Viagra or porn, but also innocent looking links to some web page. The spider does this in order to improve their ranking in the search engines. The more links they spam out, the better ranking they get.

YourVirtualStore – Advanced ASP shopping cart software

YourVirtualStore – Advanced ASP shopping cart software

Shopping Cart Software & Ecommerce Solutions: X-Cart

Cartweaver 2 CF – Shopping Cart Solution for ColdFusion 5 and ColdFusion MX

osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

VP-ASP Shopping Cart Solution

This may be some info for you – in case you are not aware of this –

YourVirtualStore is based on VPASP, and has had a lot more functionality added to it, as well as using css (which VPASP lacks)